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Rachel Riley

Children's Book Author

To God be the glory for all things forever and ever. Amen. 

I have always had an interest in creative writing, but "The Dog of My Dreams" is my first serious leap in to independently publishing my first work for others to enjoy. Writing this children's story came so easy to me, like manna from Heaven - a gift from God. I am so thankful for the inspiration and I pray that my sweet story reaches the ears of many children who enjoy it, just as much as I enjoyed capturing the words. 

This project has given me the encouragement to continue writing and bringing my ideas to life. Living in beautiful East Tennessee and being connected to a truly special array of people, I am surrounded with rich inspiration from which to draw upon.

If you enjoy my work, as well as the talents of my illustrator Natalia Chekhova, I invite you follow me on social media and keep a watch out for our forthcoming projects. It will probably involve horses! 

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"The Dog of My Dreams"

A young boy vividly dreams about a happy day at the park, playing with a boisterous puppy. He is saddened when he awakes, realizing that he can't own a dog because he suffers from allergies. He confides in his mom who is sympathetic to how he feels. When the boy's birthday comes in the next couple of months, he is surprised with a beautiful Standard Poodle puppy, just like the one that he dreamed about! He learns from his mom why a Standard Poodle is a great choice for him (because they are mostly hypoallergenic).

Follow the heartwarming story of a boy's journey to dog ownership when he believed he could never own a dog. Beautifully illustrated in digital watercolor by Natalia Chekhova. Includes a brief history of the Standard Poodle breed of dog, along with trivia and discussion questions at the end of the book, as well as a gallery of different kinds of Poodles! 47 full color pages.

CLICK HERE to order on Amazon! Available as eBook or Print. 

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